Game Review: Jetpack Jump (Mobile – Free to Play)

Jetpack Jump simple premise is effectively the long jump where the aim is to get the jumper as far as possible. Set a high score, earn some coins and upgrade then beat your previous score.

Oh….and you can get different hats.

Should we even expect anything more from a free to play mobile game?

Jetpack 2

This idea has been done many times before and there is nothing new here. Two taps of a button at the right time to launch your blocky figure into the air then hold down on the screen to use the jetpack. At first you won’t make it far at all but as you try over and over again, you’ll rack up coins that can be spent on upgrading the jump, jetpack and your offline coin earnings.

That last one has become a favourite of lazy developers to try and encourage players to come back time after time. God forbid, they would actually make a game with substance enough to make you want to play it again.

After only a few minutes it will be obvious to everyone just how soulless and empty Jetpack Jump is. Even though it can be addictive at first, that will wear off as the game throws ad after ad at you. You’ll have to experience an ad after every single attempt…every single time.

Jetpack 3

Even the most patient person will close and delete this game after 10 minutes of this and if you don’t, what do you get? Set and beat your own score in a game that even a toddler could play. There is no skill, it’s completely dependant on upgrades. The person that spends the most coins will be the one who makes it the furthest.

But hey, different hats, right?


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Jetpack Jump
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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