Game Review: The Impossible Game (Mobile)

With a title like The Impossible Game it’s no surprise that the simple one-touch gameplay of this 99p game is extremely challenging. What the title doesn’t tell you though is just how addictive the game is.

A port of the extremely popular Xbox Live indie title of the same name, it’s an extremely simple looking platformer with one standout feature. The Impossible Game is hard!

Impossible 3

Now that might be the sort of thing that would put you off even considering playing this but you’d be making a mistake. You see The Impossible Game is a seriously highly addictive game. One that gives you immense satisfaction when you manage to best it. If you manage to best it.

You control an orange square as it moves automatically at speed through the level. Touch the screen to make it jump landing on blocks that make up the games’ platforms. Slam into the side of a block & you’ll fail, hit a dangerous part of the floor & you’ll fail, hit any of the many triangle spikes & you’ll fail. Get used to failing.

Impossible 4

However, you can drop flags with a quick touch of a button. These allow you to continue from exactly the point where you dropped one. What makes The Impossible Game so impossible though is that dropping a flag will see the level you’re playing turn to ‘practice mode’. To truly beat a level, you’ll have to do it in one complete run.

Impossible 1

Impossible? Maybe but it won’t stop you trying. What makes it so addictive is how fluid the gameplay is, alongside a cool techno piece of music that feels as though it’s in time with your jumps. The frustration you’ll feel pushes you to just have one more go & trust me, you’re going to fail a lot.

The satisfaction you’ll feel from beating a level is worth it though.

Impossible 5

Disappointingly the base game only has two levels & for an extra 99p you can get just another two. So that’s four levels for £1.98. Hardly a great amount of content until you compare it to most free to play games that are packed with in-app purchases. Filled with premium content that goes up to the butt-clenching amounts of £99.99. All for gameplay that is repetitive & short. The hours you’ll put into The Impossible Game makes it instantly more valuable than most of them!

Impossible 6

The lack of content stops it being a 10/10 game. However, on addictive gameplay alone it is one of the finest mobile games on the market.

The Impossible Game
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