Game Review: Hyper Airways (Mobile – Free to Play)

From the same development team (Suji Games) behind Hyper Hotel comes Hyper Airways. Where you are tasked with running and operating your very own airport.

Exactly like Hyper Hotel, the game is made up of mini-games that, when completed, give you money. Which is then spent on kitting out your home space with all manner of trinkets and furniture.

From having to direct planes to the correct landing spots without colliding with others in the air to having to refuel grounded aircraft to having to clean dirty windows. There’s a fair bit of variety here and unlike Hyper Hotel, Hyper Airways has a little bit more challenge to some of its games. Even more impressive is that the further you make it, the more complex they become. It actually feels like a game!

Such a strange thing to praise but such is the way of the mobile free to play market. Hyper Airways actually plays out like a game with a difficulty curve (a fair one) and plenty of unlocks. Reasons to keep coming back time and time again even if the mini-games are on a rotation.

It has a limited shelf-life of course but it will last longer than most. Thanks to the abundance of unlocks to kit your space out with. Although the prices reach eye-watering amounts for the coin returns you get. Pretty much forcing you to watch ads to collect more money.

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That would be fine if it wasn’t, as per usual, jammed with pop-up ads that appear on an annoyingly regular basis. Stick your phone on airplane mode (ironic – considering what the game is) and you’ll have a lot more fun.

That shouldn’t need to be done though and it a constant source of frustration. Does Hyper Airways do enough to make that bearable? Absolutely not, but compared to other games like this and Suji Games’ own Hyper Hotel, Hyper Airways is still the better of the bunch.

Hyper Airways (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 5.5/10
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