Game Review: Horror House HD (Mobile – Free to Play)

Andre has arrived at a secluded house deep in the woods for a school-friend reunion. The house has no phone reception & the next train doesn’t arrive for another 5 days! Odd train timetable aside, the group are looking to have a good time. That is until one of them ends up dead.

Horror House 2

With no escape, no food & a killer amongst the group it’s up to Andre to uncover the truth. Sort of…

I’ve made Horror House HD sound far better than it actually is with that description. In fact, the game is pathetically light on content, can be finished in a matter of minutes & has appalling spelling & grammar.

Horror House 3

There is very little of the house to actually explore. Next to nothing to do in any of the rooms & even less dialogue between characters. The plot flies by in an instant as bodies turn up in super-fast succession. Before you know it you’re in the attic facing off against a killer. One with hilariously bad motivations but one that is at least grounded in slasher horror reality.

Horror House 4

The lack of options available to you makes this a pointless play. There are only a small amount of ‘fetch-quests’ that involve you going from one room to the next & clicking on the few things you are able to.

The retro pixelated visuals are nice looking but the most impressive thing is the sound that fits the eerie atmosphere.

Horror House HD is a free to play game that forces you to spend 99p to remove ads to make it even slightly playable. Leaving these on removes any tension from the game as one pops up constantly as you move room to room. The problem is this game isn’t worth 99p.

Horror House 5

To make matters even worse, the game tries to sweet talk you into giving it a high rating on its store front with a closet that promises you a new outfit if you rate it high. That’s just bad behaviour.

Horror House HD
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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