EP Review – Sitting Ducks by The Virginmarys (Self Released)

Sitting Ducks is the new 4 track EP from Macclesfield rockers, The Virginmarys. It will be released independently on the 22nd of September. The Virginmarys are Ally Dickaty and Danny Dolan. Ally is the vocalist and guitarist and Danny is the drummer.

The Virginmarys have been making waves in the music scene since their 2013 debut, King of Conflict. King of Conflict received widespread acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone and USA Today. They followed that up with the critically acclaimed Divides in 2016. Divides received acclaim from, well, pretty much everywhere. Clash Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and even the Wall Street Journal held it in seriously high esteem along with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

Sitting Ducks

This upward trend saw the band out on the road gaining experience and thrilling crowds in support of band’s like Queens of the Stone Age, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Eagles of Deathmetal and Crobot. It also saw them play at a load of major festivals including Reading & Leeds, Download Fest, Sonisphere and the Isle of Wight Festival.

The band decided to self release this to connect further with their fans, as frontman Ally stated – “We’ve always been hard to pigeon hole and we thank our fans time and again for letting us be ourselves so we can grow together. We have an army of incredibly dedicated fans and our lives shows have become all the more special for it. In these unpredictable times, we want to be part of the answer and put something true into the world.”

The EP opens with pure groove with the intro to the title track. A thick bassy line and infectious drum beat instantly make you sit up and take notice. Heavier guitar flourishes end each section before Ally Dickaty’s smooth vocals come in. He has a seriously strong voice, switching between silky smooth to raw and throaty when called for. As the bluesy song builds into a chorus, Danny Dolan’s drums rip into life. Mixed with a neat, melodic riff the music is infectious and the gruffer vocals just elevate the chorus to a thing of beauty.

Sitting Ducks

 Bluesy rock is great but what we get from The Virginmarys over just 4 tracks is an astonishing array of creativity. Sweet Loretta tricks you with a muffled intro that explodes into life with a killer riff and drum beat. Melodic verses build into a hook filled chorus with brilliant vocals. It’s great to hear Ally let loose a bit with some rocking yells all while Danny absolutely kills it on the drums. His timing and patterns are absolutely impeccable.
A faster tempo starts us off with Through the Sky before a gentler verse comes in. The lyrics are quite beautiful and the verse leads into a catchy short chorus too. There is a superb guitar solo as well, just to show off another string to their bow. The track ends with a really quick and gritty outro with quick vocals and pounding drums which is sure to get the floor bouncing. The final track on the EP adds another style and display of skill. For the most part it is a emotional, sombre and raw ballad. Sorrowful lyrics are sung passionately while a gentle drum rhythm and acoustic melody plays. The choruses pick up in feeling led by intense singing while building into a crescendo before the track gently fades out.
It is quite astonishing how much quality is on offer on this 4 track EP. This is rock music at its most passionate, raw and powerful. Each track is filled to the brim with bluesy groove, infectious rhythm, passionate vocals and a feeling of raw intensity and true feeling. The songs are structured perfectly and there are loads of little touches that help to elevate each track as well whether it is clapping, little drum fills or the excellent backing vocals. Sitting Ducks is a seriously cool EP. I feel a whole lot cooler just for listening to it. You want to feel cooler? Well, get listening.

You can check out one track, Sweet Loretta, at the band’s YouTube page here. Sitting Ducks is available to preorder now through the band’s website and also through Pledge Music. Check the band out on Facebook and Twitter for more information them. Be sure to like and follow them while you are there. You can also pick up more from The Virginmarys at the link below.

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Sitting Ducks by The Virginmarys (Self Released)
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