Album Review: Paradise Lost – Medusa (Nuclear Blast Records)

It’s been a good few years for Paradise Lost having dragged themselves back into relevancy with the impressive 2015 release The Plague Within. An album that pleased both old school & new school fans alike.

Medusa is the band’s 15th release, out now via Nuclear Blast Records. Ten tracks of booming & sorrowful doom but with the kind of rhythmic style that has made them such a popular band.

Paradise Lost 1

Beginning with the insanely good Fearless Sky, the mood is set instantly & it is all about darkness. Slow, methodical beats with some inventive guitar riffs that scream just a little higher. It’s capped off by some sublime vocals that jump between devilish growls & emotive singing.

To keep things fresh it has a burst of energy near the end of its 8+ minute run before returning to the fuzzy throb that begun the track. The moody riffs continue into the crushingly heaviness of Gods of Anicent before From the Gallows short & to the point offering throws out a surprising upbeat guitar solo.

It’s clear that Paradise Lost have really found their groove now. While Medusa isn’t the band playing it completely safe, it’s not exactly risky territory for them. Not that it matters as Medusa is a quality piece of doom metal.

The Longest Winter’s soaring vocals against screeching guitars pulls at something dark inside all of us. The title track brings back some of the stoner fuzziness that was found earlier on in the album but again proves that Paradise Lost can write hooks in their sleep. Songs like these are literal things of beauty.

Even when the band try to ‘rock’ it up a bit more, it still turns out well. No Passenger for the Dead has more upbeat guitar riffing while Blood and Chaos has a bit more of a traditional heavy metal vibe to it.

This variety keeps things interesting leading into the final two tracks, Shrines & Symbolic Virtue. The former, moody & moving thanks to the spoken-word like moments that are reminiscent of Type O Negative while the latter is the most listenable track on the album. The guitar work here is excellent & it’s the best use of melody throughout.

A very strong finish to an album that doesn’t disappoint. Medusa continues the fine run of form that Paradise Lost are on & is required listening for everyone.

Paradise Lost 2

Paradise Lost – Medusa Full Track Listing:

1. Fearless Sky
2. Gods of Ancient
3. From the Gallows
4. The Longest Winter
5. Medusa
6. No Passenger for the Dead
7. Blood and Chaos
8. Until the Grave
9. Shrines
10. Symbolic Virtue

Medusa is out now & can be bought via most major retailers & streaming via most major services including Apple Music below.

Paradise Lost - Medusa (Nuclear Blast Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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