Game Review: HoPIKo (Mobile)

Oh my, HoPIKo is a lot of fun, challenging and addictive, it also boasts a soundtrack that is just plain awesome.

The evil Nanobyte virus is out; gaming is over…it’s time to hook up your power gloves and save your HoPIKo brothers!

A platformer that is all about speed as you jump from platform to platform all with a simple touch of the screen. Hold your finger down to aim in a particular direction but you won’t have long to make your decision as platforms are constantly on the move too.


The game boasts 100’s of levels that are split into 5 stages where failure in the 4th means starting the run again. It’s an intense game; one that demands your full attention from the start & thanks to some lovely visuals and sense of speed it will hold it.

It requires a mix of skill, luck and memory as you make your way through the varied level designs yet the game never feels like it is being unfair. It really is a top drawer experience amongst a gaming market that is disgustingly all about how much money they can take from the consumer with the least amount of effort.


There is a huge amount of levels to get through but to add more challenge and replay value you also have perfect runs that require even faster speeds! Perfecting runs is so satisfying but if that wasn’t enough HoPIKo also has a soundtrack that fits the speed and frantic nature of the game.

Amazingly the chiptune tracks were written and composed on an original Game Boy!


It’s clear that HoPIKo has been created with love, created to entertain and be excellent value for the gamer. This is what all mobile gaming should strive to be and all for the bargain price of £1.49 without a single ad or in-app purchase in sight.


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