Album Review: Pershagen – Hilma (Lövely Records)

Dreamy and cinematic instrumental band, Pershagen combine Scandinavian gloominess with colourful psychedelic rock. In 2021 they signed with Lövely Records, who will release the group’s third studio album ‘Hilma’ on April 29th, 2022.

An album of transcendent beauty, emotional stature and gloom-covered states. Hilma is a phenomenal instrumental release. One that shows the depth in Pershagen’s sound across nine deeply moving and memorable listens.

From the mellow twangs in opener Klangskog to the rocking beat and fuzzy psychedelia of the title track, the first portion of this album will have most grinning from ear to ear. Both oddities are addictive and intensely memorable in different ways. Both also have incredible cinematic value. Something that is further reflected in the haunting, starry-skied Långt bort nära and the melancholy weirdness of Alla minns den sista gången.

The unique flavours that Pershagen deliver throughout this rich and vivid album continues to set the palette aflame. One of the highlights coming in the form of Karelia, probably the album’s most unusual arrangement. Though, still an utterly captivating effort that sees the instrumental geniuses take the listener on a complex, psych-tinged and increasingly exhausting journey.

It’s a tough ask to follow that but with Ofog i djävulens sällskap and Ekoparken, Pershagen prove to be up to the task. The former, featuring a darker and more uncomfortable tone and the latter, melodrama beyond comprehension. If you found out it was featured on the soundtrack of some sort of coming of age/drama movie, you wouldn’t be surprised.

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It is a wonderful pairing though. As are the final two tracks also. First up is Solen är en trumma, a track that has a ‘drifting through clouds’ quality but also punctuates the wandering guitar tones with electric touches of psychedelia. Followed by the thrilling, haunting and emotionally fraught finale of Archangelsk. As it builds up, it gets lighter and more comforting, proving to be the ultimate culmination of this album and everything Pershagen have produced here.

One of those special kinds of albums that you just need to hear to believe. Stunning.

Pershagen – Hilma Full Track Listing:

1. Klangskog
2. Hilma
3. Långt bort nära
4. Alla minns den sista gången
5. Karelia
6. Ofog i djävulens sällskap
7. Ekoparken
8. Solen är en trumma
9. Archangelsk


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Pershagen - Hilma (Lövely Records)
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