Game Review: Helping Frankenstein (Mobile)

Helping Frankenstein is the latest old-school point and click game from Peeking Peacock. Slowly becoming a real power in this genre, they’ve released several games already including The Man from Hmmbridge (review here) and The Forgotten Treasure (review here).

Helping Frankenstein may be their best work yet though.

Helping Frankenstein 3

You take on the role of Igor, the newly employed assistant of Dr Frankenstein. Your initial aim is to break her out of prison where her experiments have landed her in trouble not just with the law but with the church.

Unsurprisingly they’re not so keen on the whole ‘bring-people-back-to-life-thing’.

That’s no concern of yours though once you’ve got the good doctor out you’re tasked with helping her complete her experiments!

Helping Frankenstein 1

Old-school point and click fans will get a real buzz out of Helping Frankenstein as it echoes the greats such as Discworld, Monkey Island and Broken Sword. Gameplay is very simple, touch the screen to interact with characters or objects. If they can be picked up, they will go in your inventory to be used later or combined with other items.

The cartoon-imagery fits the tone of the story as it has an amusing tongue in cheek approach to the classic Frankenstein story.

Helping Frankenstein 2

Unlike previous Peeking Peacock games in this style, Helping Frankenstein has some of the better and more brain taxing puzzles so far. This is not an easy game but it gets the balance right by having solutions that do make sense once you’ve figured them out. You want to get a tired horse to bolt? Feed it a chilli but first you just need to work out how to make them grow quickly.

Clever and fun stuff.

Longevity in the game comes from how long it will take you to get your head around the puzzles. It’s not a long game but it doesn’t really need to be as what you get from it is incredibly satisfying.


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Helping Frankenstein
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