Album Review: Greybeards – For The Wilder Minds (Attitude Recordings)

Greybeards will release their highly anticipated sophomore album, titled ‘For The Wilder Minds.’ The Swedish rock band have delivered on the promise of their debut and crafted a music collection brimming with atmospheric rock songs, with an alternative vibe and steroid infused pop licks.

For the Wilder Minds is out on the 4th May 2018 via Attitude Recordings.

Greybeards 2

Simple but effective, Greybeard’s hard rocking sound is catchy and fun. The kind of tunes that you could easily see blasting out at a rock club. Both Fast Asleep and One in a Billion showcase the melodic hooks and catchy choruses that makes For the Wilder Minds such a good listen.

Energetic tracks like Insane, Beautiful Things and Free are the backbone to an album that is filled with stellar musicianship in both the lyrics and the instruments. It’s You Struck Me that really drives home the pop-infused rock efforts of Greybeards though. Simple but not in a dismissive way, it’s melodically hook heavy while also delivering on a hard rock sound.

The penultimate track, Peace of Mind sees the band enter hard rock ballad territory and unsurprisingly knock it out of the park. Before closing out with one final fist in the air, blood pumping tune in The Nerve.

For the Wilder Minds is simply a lot of fun with bouncy rock groove played really, really well.

Greybeards 1

Greybeards – For the Wilder Minds Full Track Listing:

1. Fast Asleep
2. One in a Billion
3. Come Undone
4. Insane
5. Beautiful Things
6. Free
7. You Struck Me
8. Cold December
9. Peace of Mind
10. The Nerve

For the Wilder Minds will be available via all major digital outlets and in the meantime you can check out the video for Fast Asleep below. Keep up to date/find out more via Greybeard’s websiteFacebook and on Instagram.

Greybeards - For The Wilder Minds (Attitude Recordings)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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