Single Slam – Nightbringers by The Black Dahlia Murder (Nightbringers)

The Black Dahlia Murder have released the first single from their new album. That single is Nightbringers and it comes from the album of the same name. Nightbringers, the album, is due out on the 6th of October via Metal Blade Records.

The American death metal band formed in 2001 and have released seven studio albums to date. Nightbringers will be the 8th and also the first to feature Brandon Ellis on lead guitar. He replaces the popular, and talented, Ryan Knight. The rest of the band are vocalist Trevor Strnad and Brian Eschbach on rhythm guitar. The drummer is Alan Cassidy, and the bassist is Max Lavelle.


Nightbringers is just over 3 and a half minutes long and is a really solid track. It has a nice steady opening rhythm with industrial sounding drums and a solid riff. Vocals jump in and the drums pick up the pace a bit. The vocals are harsh, as expected. Trevor Strnad has a strong voice and delivers the vocals in differing tones which keeps them sounding really fresh. The slightly metalcore riff picks up speed as the song progresses but the drums really stand out so far. They mix between playing a steady tempo that holds everything together to blasts of blistering speed. There is also a load of dark, backing vocals added to parts which just makes Strnad voice seem more powerful and almost demonic.

There are many different sections to the track, usually separated by different drum tempos, but it all flows perfectly as one united beast. It is great listening to the different vocal delivery speeds, riffs and drum beats as we move through Nightbringers. It makes the whole thing feel really exciting. Ellis shows he can and will hold his own with a really neat solo that fits the song perfectly too. This leads back into a section with very black metal sounding vocals before we head back into the mid-tempo, head banging rhythm until it closes.

The Black Dahlia Murder are making a real statement with this release. They have been on an upward curve for a while now and are one of the most popular extreme metal band’s out there. This is despite a huge amount of member changes in recent years with the last being the departure of Knight in 2016. Knight was so perfectly suited to BDM’s style, it seemed like the band would struggle without him but those fears are gone with Ellis slotting in perfectly.

The Black Dahlia Murder are back with a cracking tune and Nightbringers is shaping up to be a really solid album on this evidence. I’m excited to hear more.

Check out Nightbringers for yourself here. You can preorder it from here. You can also pick up the preorder, the single and more from the band at the links below. Check out The Black Dahlia Murder on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information. Make sure you give them a like and a follow while you are there.

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Nightbringers by The Black Dahlia Murder (Nightbringers)
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