Game Review: Heavy Metal Tennis Training (Mobile – Free to Play)

A free to play game, Heavy Metal Tennis Training is a silly but challenging love letter to Heavy metal and 8-bit gaming. The concept is very simple. You play as one of three heavy metal rock stars (although two have to be unlocked first either in game or with real money). You can choose between Sammy Lee Moth, Uzzy and Queen Hellizabeth. How cute.

Heavy Metal 3

The aim is simple, hit fiery tennis balls back at the tennis machine. Both setting a high score and destroying the infernal device at the same time. Tap the screen to swing the racket but be precise as one miss will see your rock star burned to a crisp. The balls come at you in a varying speeds and directions. This makes it quite a difficult game but it is kind of addictive.

Heavy Metal 2

Once you run out of lives you have a choice. You can wait for them to be replenished, you can watch a short ad or you can unlock unlimited lives by spending £1.99. This seems reasonable until you realise there is no other content. That’s disappointing as this seemed like the perfect game to have a few extra modes.

The 8-bit graphics are very nice to look at and the chip tune metal track that plays is pretty cool. However, every time you die it restarts. This means you’re going to be hearing the same bit over and over again.

Heavy Metal 4

There’s not much replay value here. With only two characters to unlock there’s not much novelty either. A little more effort and a little more content and this could have been something special.

Heavy Metal Tennis Training
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