Album Review: Inisans – Transition (Blood Harvest/Regain Records)

Blood Harvest Records present Inisans’ highly anticipated debut album, Transition, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats April 6th 2018.

Hailing from Sweden, the eternal hotbed of death metal, Inisans have quietly built a name for themselves on the back of their lone demo, Morbid Vision of Death. Originally released in 2012, Morbid Vision of Death was later reissued in 2014 as a split cassette with French comrades Skelethal.

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It’s hard to not notice a certain thickness to the sound of Inisans’ new album, Transition. While everything sounds clear enough, there is a quality to the bass that makes it feel so much more solid. It’s something that helps make the band’s death metal sound stand out a bit more.

Spitting fire, Inisans bring about a feral state of mind with tracks like opener Tombstone, Beyond the Gates and Darkness Profound smashing through the senses. Death metal, yes, but with some extra black metal bite. When people talk about raging storms of ferocious metal, it’s Inisans’ Transition they are talking about.

The rhythm of the guitars gives way to screaming solos all while hellish vocals pour scorn over everything & the drums crush bones into fine dust. Demon Wings is the highlight of the album thanks the tempo drop that proves to be one of the heaviest moments this year.

Short & very sweet, Transition is done within 30 minutes, the assault & destruction brought to a close with Cavern of Covenant and Void Walker. The former showcasing wildness & unrelenting heaviness while the latter puts the exclaimation point on a very enjoyable death metal release.

Inisans 1

Inisans – Transition Full Track Listing:

1. Tombstone
2. Beyond the Gates
3. Darkness Profound
4. Demon Wings
5. Jaws
6. Cavern of Covenant
7. Void Walker

You can pick up Inisans’ earlier release via Bandcamp and the new album via Blood Harvest Records here. Find out more/keep up to date via the band’s Facebook Page.

Inisans - Transition (Blood Harvest/Regain Records)
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