Album Review: Endarken – Tvoj Je Hram u Srcu Mom (Blackest Ink Recordings)

Endarken are a black metal band from Apatin, Serbia & their debut studio album ‘Tvoj Je Hram u Srcu Mom’ will be released on the 19th April 2018 via via Blackest Ink Recordings.

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“Tvoj Je Hram u Srcu Mom is the envoy of darkness, the bearer of the black flame, a six odes to the omnipresent indestructible force which is the source of life and death. This album is an ode to Him, a gloomy sound pervaded with fiery melodies.”

Black metal fans will feel at home with the sound that Endarken have crafted here. It’s a cold, soulless and nail-biting experience that combines the rawness of the old-school with a modern approach to melodies.

A cruel offering, the 6 tracks on offer here show savagery and an inhuman approach to the harsher sounds of black metal. Stripped back riffs, meticulous and pounding drumming backed up by hellish vocals.

Every so often Endarken show off some imagination too. The final few minutes of the title track drop into a folkish chant before the guitars build it back up. It’s a surprising twist but a really impressive one.

That’s what makes the album really stand out, the shifts in tone that keep the black metal vibe but show off more than just unrestrained brutality. Another great example of this is Oda Njemu with it’s slow & methodical tempo that showcases the deeper and darker edge Endarken have.

Over far too soon, the album grows in strength with the thrilling, ancient brutality of The Old Ones Awakening and filth-encrusted vibe of Ja, sve I svja.

Tvoj Je Hram u Srcu Mom captures the imagination with more than just dehumanising heaviness. It’s very effective in delivering brutish black metal fury, haunting melodies and memorable darkness.

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Endarken – Tvoj Je Hram u Srcu Mom Full Track Listing:

1. Šta vrede oči kada um je slep
2. Tvoj je hram u srcu mom
3. Alfa I Omega
4. Oda Njemu
5. The Old Ones Awakening
6. Ja, sve I svja

You can order the album now via Blackest Ink here and find out more about Endarken via Facebook. Check out the video for Ja, sve I svja below.

Endarken - Tvoj Je Hram u Srcu Mom (Blackest Ink Recordings)
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