Game Review: Dulp (Mobile – Free to Play)

Dulp is a free to play mobile game by developer Nexx Studio. A causal colour wheel puzzle game, this review is for version 1.3.

Dulp 2


Like most of Nexx Studio’s releases, Dulp is a one-touch game that is easy to pick up & play but very difficult to put down. Shoot coloured balls at matching colour slices on the rotating rings until they are completing destroyed. Accuracy is key as the correct coloured ball must hit the correct coloured slice. Miss & you’ll fail the level with each new one giving new challenges. Such as faster rotating rings, smaller slices to shoot at & even multiple rings to clear.

Dulp 3

It’s as simple as that but very addictive especially as it comes with 400 levels & an endless challenge mode. There is only one in-app purchase that relates to the removal of ads, costing £1.99. Dulp can certainly be called one of the better casual games on the free to play market. The subtle music & decent sound effects cap of a pretty enjoyable experience. Especially when held up against many of the other free to play games on the market.

Dulp 4

It has its ads but they are pretty unobtrusive & fair game considering it is a free to play offering. The added option of a night mode makes it easier on the eyes when playing in the dark & a colour blind accessibility option are welcome touches that show the developer cares.


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