Game Review: Drive Fast (Mobile – Free to Play)

Drive Fast is an endless runner free to play game that puts in you control of a car as it moves up the screen on a road. The aim is simple, dodge oncoming traffic by moving between lanes using the two button options, left & right.

Drive Fast 1

The further you progress the trickier it becomes as the lanes increase & the traffic gets heavier. Set a high score & pick up coins to spend on different car skins, that’s all the game has to offer. It’s a very basic game.

You’re looking at 5 minutes maximum of fun here. It’s quite challenging as immediately after you start traffic is zipping down the road towards you. The placement of the left & right arrows means it’s far easier to play using both thumbs rather than one, a serious flaw in an endless runner.

Drive Fast 2

Most of these kind of games are optimised to be played with just one hand. It keeps things simple & less distracting. It’s an odd design decision because of how little content is actually available.

Coins are spent in the car shop where you can buy new skins for your car. Each car costs 50 coins & there are 24 of them. Each attempt of the actual game will only see a return of a few coins unless you’re an absolute pro at the game instantly. After 18 tries I had only earned 14 coins…this is not a generous game.

To buy all the car skins would cost 1200 coins & naturally you can speed this process up by spending real money in-game. Drive Fast has just one coin related in-app purchase, 100 coins for 99p. Should be so inclined you can drop nearly £12 to buy up every skin in the game right away.

Drive Fast 3

That’s £12 for car skins; absolutely no change in gameplay just a different coloured car. You can also stump up the laughable amount of £1.99 to remove ads from the game. Considering how few appear & unobtrusive they are that would be a huge waste of money.

Games like this still surprise me. We’re looking at nothing but a few minutes of ‘fun’ & I use that word very loosely. There is little replay value in it as a high score is just a high score & the car skins don’t vary the gameplay at all.

Drive Fast 4

Drive Fast doesn’t have the worst in-app purchases to appear in a free to play game. Unfortunately it does have the honour of having the most pointless.


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Drive Fast
  • The Final Score - 4/10

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