Game Review: Tie Dye (Mobile – Free to Play)

If you’re looking to waste a short train journey making horrible looking outfits for beach goers, Tie Dye is the free to play game for you.

From Crazy Labs, the goal in Tie Dye is to simply give the customer exactly the tie dye outfit they desire.

It takes place across five stages, the first being to wrap up the outfit ready for its colours. Simply draw a figure eight on the screen to wrap it. Stage two is simply tapping the screen to secure the outfit, whereas stage three is the important one. This is where you get to add colours, of which there is a decent selection. However, to please the customer you need to just use the colours they requested.

Stage four has you dipping the coloured shirt in and out of the water before the final stage asks you to tap the screen to undo the binds and see your end result. Hardly taxing things and the only part that changes is the customer colour demand.

It gets old quick but it can’t be said that it doesn’t have some addictive qualities.

Longevity (if you can call it that) comes from upgrading your beach shop. Spend money on making the general ascetic better, buying props and adding to the decor. Although prices increase so quickly, not much progress will really be made here. That is, unless you’re willing to watch an ad or two.

Watch ads to increase your money earned. Watch an ad to collect tips. Then watch an ad to serve VIP customers and of course, have gameplay interrupted by ads. It’s a hell of a lot of ads and the game really doesn’t do enough to warrant putting up with them.

That aside, it is a solid free to play game that will certainly wile away some time. Its bright colours and beach theme is visually pleasing to the eye and it even has music.


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Tie Dye (Mobile - Free to Play)
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