Album Review: Plugs of Apocalypse – Deeper Than Hell (This is Core)

The new album from Italy’s Plugs of Apocalypse, Deeper Than Hell is out on April 28th 2017 via This is Core.

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Frontman Giorgio Della Posta had this to say about Deeper Than Hell:

“This album means a lot to us, in many ways. it is a brave choice both in the genre and in the themes we talk about. The main idea is to communicate a feeling that will sooner or later affect the life of many people. Depression, unhappiness, loneliness, all described as one metaphor, a feeling that drags you down, “deeper than hell”, hence the title of the CD.

The sound is heavy and hammering, with atmospheres that are at the same time melancholic and desperate, with melodies that depict sort of a sea of sadness, adding some mystical feelings of hope. It is somewhat a “bipolar” work, we needed to use these daring sounds to communicate the sense of unease and the schizophrenia that such a toil brings. We didn’t want to talk about depression or any other illnesses in a clinical sense. we feel these feelings can apply also to one brief moment in one’s life, a 30 seconds long turmoil in which you feel your world collapsing on you and crashing you down.

It’s not easy to reemerge, but you can receive help, you can share your burden, and try and find your determination. as they say, hope dies last”.

The upbeat electronica sound of Plugs of Apocalypse’s Deeper Than Hell mixed with deathcore elements is something that will definitely make you sit up & take notice just not necessarily in a good way. How you feel about the blending of Ibiza style electronica with metal riffs & melodies will likely see you making up your mind about the album in the first couple of songs.

If you hate this mesh then you’re not going to find much to enjoy here.

Ablaze & Everything I Love are so heavy on the dance style tunes that they feel less like a metal song with electronica but the other way around. The ear-piercing effects dominate so much & bland sounding vocals do little to improve the experience.

Throwing the occasional raspy vocal line & breakdown in marginally lifts things but even those seem like a box ticking exercise.

Unfortunately it never really gets going even if there are some elements that work well. The soft female vocals do a lot to enhance many songs & on the likes of Veins of Glass it’s the most enjoyable part.

Beside that this is a non-starter of an album, lacking imagination or originality. This style of music has been done countless times & quickly overstays its welcome. Plugs of Apocalypse don’t do nearly enough to excite or interest the listener.

It’s a real chore to get through unfortunately.

Plugs of Apocalypse – Deeper Than Hell Full Track Listing:

1. Deeper Than Hell
2. Ablaze
3. Burn Everything I Love
4. Tears
5. Live Together, Die Alone
6. Louder
7. All Over Again
8. Broken Bones
9. Veins of Glass
10. Beyond the Sky

You can pick up Plugs of Apocalypse music & merch over on Bigcartel & on Bandcamp. You can find out more about the band over on Facebook & Twitter.


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Plugs of Apocalypse - Deeper Than Hell (This is Core)
  • The Final Score - 3/10

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