Game Review: Color Road (Mobile – Free to Play)

Color Road is a free to play game on mobile developed & released by Voodoo. It sees you controlling a coloured ball along a track with the aim being to hit the balls of the same colour. Every so often your ball will change colour forcing you to move position. Hit the wrong colour & it’s game over.

Color Road 2

Simple & easy to play except for one fatal flaw…the lag. Color Road suffers from lag & screen freezing meaning you’ll often fail through no fault of your own.


It’s such a problem & 7 out of every 10 tries it will happen, that’s even if you get to that many attempts.

Color Road 3

You see Color Road is incredibly light on content. No challenges and no skins for the balls (although there is a tab on the main screen that says coming soon). Set a high score & that is it.

With such lag issues & a total lack of content it’s criminal that they then ask for £2.99 to remove ads from the game. Do these developers think even the casual gaming market is that dim? There’s barely a game here & what is here doesn’t work properly.

Color Road 4

To make matters worse this is version 1.2.1. It has had updates already!

Color Road
  • The Final Score - 2/10
User Review
3.89 (9 votes)

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