Christmas Horror Short Review: Warmth (2021)

Written and directed by Chandler Thornton, Warmth sees a paranormal investigator (Alec Wilson) go to a house where a woman claims to have been frightened terribly by something that came crawling down her chimney. She has been too scared to go back since. It might be the Christmas season, but what she describes sure wasn’t Santa Claus.

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Arriving at the house, he listens to the recording of their meeting and investigates the chimney. It all looks nice and normal, so he settles in, deciding that he can have a comfy night amongst the festive decorations.

That is until he starts to hear noises coming from the chimney. Want to know what happens next? Check it out yourself below.

Far too long and far too slow. Warmth needed to get to the point a lot quicker than it does. This really shouldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 minutes long but dwells on shots to an egregious amount. Seemingly insistent, that by focusing on festive décor, it will be a convincing Christmas-themed horror.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the payoff to the mystery is surprisingly tame and wholly disappointing. Is it a monster in the chimney or something much darker? Your imagination will conjure up more delights then the short manages unfortunately.


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Warmth (2021)
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