Horror Movie Review: The Orange Man (2015)

The Orange Man is a horror comedy that sees a door to door orange salesman commit murder after one to many insults & rejections. Early on it’s clear that this is going to be a cheesy, indie romp but for all the promise it really fails to deliver.

Orange 2

Bucking the trend of teenagers partying & getting slaughtered, The Orange Man’s main cast are four elderly men. Gerald (Dave Juehring) has recently split with his wife after she cheated on him & now she’s going for everything he’s worked for. Down in the dumps, he meets with his three friends Wilbur (Thomas Ely Sage), Jimmy (Jim Plovanich) and Reggie (Glenn Harston).

They all agree to get away for the weekend for a remote fishing trip but unfortunately for them, The Orange Man is waiting. Also, if that wasn’t bad enough Gerald’s estranged wife & her new boyfriend are also staying nearby!

Orange 3

Cue some horrendous acting and cringe-inducing dialogue as just about everybody hams it up to such an extent it’s painful.

It’s frustrating really, as the four-main cast are mostly pretty likeable (although Jimmy’s sex-obsession does make for some uncomfortable scenes). Their bond is believable but in almost every line spoken, the film crashes hard. Part of the problem is its attempts at horror & humour, something that does not work at all. The Orange Man sells itself as a horror comedy but it’s neither scary nor is it funny.

Orange 4

Old men struggling to pee because of kidney stones, awkward conversations about naked women, embarrassing attempts at getting one over Gerald’s ex & her new fella…it’s childish stuff. Yes, the men are being portrayed as massive man-babies to a degree. However, none of them have the chops to pull it off convincingly.

It’s slow, it takes ages to get going & the promise of ‘death by oranges’ rarely surfaces as the killer (Ben Rollins) uses a hook most of the time. He is a puzzling killer, as his early motivations seem forced & you’re left wondering just how he operates. Is he a supernatural killer now? That’s never explained yet he is able to sneak into a hospital & hide under water.

Orange 5

Not that it matters as he’s the least inspired thing about the entire movie. Standard slasher who occasional throws an orange.

The best parts of the movie are the four friends but this isn’t selling itself as a buddy movie. It’s a horror comedy that doesn’t even boast great effects or memorable deaths. Low budget or not, it’s a massive let-down.

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The Orange Man
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