Game Review: Christmas Fever (Xbox One)

Christmas Fever is a holiday/Christmas themed platformer that offers a bit more depth to it then we’re used to. Even if its concept is super-simple, it offers progression, replay-ability and challenge.

All of that might make it sound well worth playing however, for all it does well, it also stumbles and falls in the snow a few too many times. Mainly surrounding the controls and the frustration that comes from them constantly and consistently letting you down.

There is no story, it’s a very retro style platformer that puts you in control of a snowman. Your job is to get from one side of the level to the other, while collecting as many coins as you can. Complete a level collecting all the coins and you’ll be given the best rank possible. No easy task as the levels are littered with traps and enemies to avoid.

One hit and you’re back to the start, as we said, it’s a very retro game.

Which wouldn’t be a problem if the controls were on point and sadly, they’re not. This is most notable when platform jumping as the two different style of jumps just don’t work as well as they should. Tap the button for a small jump and hold it down for a longer jump. It sounds simple but the small jump is actually quite difficult to pull off. It will result in many deaths and many frustrated sighs.

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Should you begin to master it and progress, more abilities are introduced later, often temporarily depending on the level. You’ll be able to transform into a snowball to take out enemies, be imbued with super speed, be able to ‘dash-jump’, allowing you to reach hard to reach areas and walk-up walls.

These abilities certainly vary up gameplay, but not by much. The goal always remains the same and the frustrating jump controls are always ever present. If you’re after something festive but with that old-school platforming mentality, this will certainly deliver.

Christmas Fever
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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