Three Of The Most Popular Horror Slot Titles

Slot games are always evolving, and that has led to a number of excellent horror-inspired slots titles being brought to market. Gamers from around the world have been engrossed by these titles, and nothing quiet sells as much as a horror slot title. These titles have been growing more and more with every passing year, and the reason for that is down to the popularity that these types of games have had.

Why Are They So Popular?

The horror genre has always been one of the most interesting for viewers, and that can be shown by the extensive selection of horror films that are released in cinemas every year. You can’t even go to an amusement park nowadays without an element of horror involved. The reason why the genre is so popular is due to the reason that some people just love being kept on their toes, and the unknown quantity that comes with horror is second to none.

Your heartbeat will rise as you expect something to happen, while the suspense that is involved in horror films is unlike anything else that you can experience elsewhere. The attractions lie with the gorey side of the genre, with viewers engaged with unique characters and what they could possibly do next. Horror games have always had a particular place in the minds of gamers, as it is the next level experience that you only ever want to be a part of through the game.

Best Horror Slot Games

Slot games have taken the genre to the next level, and now there are thousands of different variations of games that players will be able to find. However, before signing up, you should find the current 888 bonuses here to ensure that you will have more money to play with after making your first deposit.

Blood Suckers

This is one of the most popular horror games that is available for slot players, and the biggest drawing point is the outstanding graphics that you will be able to experience. That is expected by slots fans as it is developed by NetEnt. This title will particularly excite horror fans that love anything related to vampires, as both those and gothic themes are evident throughout the 25-pay line game. There are also bonuses that gamblers will be able to take advantage of, with the most interesting being the free spins.

Lost Vegas Slot

Horror fans of all ages are most engaged by zombies, and that can be experienced in this excellent title from Microgaming. It is able to stand out from the crowd as gamers will able to spin the reels in two separate base modes. Players can either spin as a zombie or a survivor. You will need to lad three Scatters to get the free spins, but you will immediately become engaged with this excellent title.

Frankenstein Slot

Experienced slot players will be hard-pressed to find a better title out there than this one. It offers excellent features such as Linked Wilds and Free Spins, and you can also set the coins that you want to use in the game by changing the level. There aren’t many better horror slot games available than this NetEnt developed title.


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