Single Slam – Oath of Unbecoming by Complete Failure (Crossburner)

Pittsburgh based hardcore/grindcore band, Complete Failure, have released a new song called Oath of Unbecoming. Oath of Unbecoming will feature on the band’s 4th full length release called Crossburner. Crossburner is due out on the 27th of October this year via Seasons of Mist.

Crossburner follows the band’s 3rd album, The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault, which was released in February 2013. As a band, Complete Failure have been hard at work since forming in 2006 when Joe Mack and Mike Rosswog collaborated. Complete Failure today is Joe Mack on vocals, James B Curl on guitars, Mark Bogacki on bass and Mike Rosswog provides the drums.


Oath of Unbecoming is a very short track. Just 2 minutes and 3 seconds long in total. With so little time, the band don’t hang about and jump straight in with shouted vocals and a loose sounding riff. A slow tempo drum bangs out a rhythm in the background. The guitars are definitely at the forefront here, even drowning out the vocals to a degree. As far as starts go, it is very raw. You get a sense of anger and aggression from the unpolished sound and the vocals sound suitably pissed off.

Oath of Unbecoming kicks in after half a minute or so with real fury. The drum speed becomes blistering and the guitars step back a little to play a fast picked, vibrating riff and blend more with the rest of the song. Vocals are delivered with real rage and pace and you can almost feel the bass pulsating out of your speakers. Occasionally, the chaos allows the guitar to step up and play the high toned, intro riff before it fades back again. It is a clever little move actually and it breaks up the attack of the rest of the song to allow a very short bit of respite.

Being only two minutes long, it is amazing how much emotion and aggression Complete Failure have managed to get across. There is no mucking about, it is hard, heavy and uncompromising. At times it sounds almost chaotic and is the epitome of raw. That might make it seem a little harsh on the ears for those who prefer a more polished sound. For those who like their metal hard, fast, heavy and raw, Oath of Unbecoming should tide you over. At least until Crossburner comes out.

You can check out Oath of Unbecoming for yourself here or you can preorder Crossburner from Seasons of Mist here. You can also preorder it over at Bandcamp here. Finally, you can pick up the single, and more from Complete Failure at the links below too. Check out Complete Failure on Facebook or at their Bandcamp page for more information on them and their music. Be sure to like their page while you are there.

Check out the full track list below –

  1. Schadenfreude
  2. Bimoral Narcotic
  3. Man-made Maker
  4. Suicide Screed of Total Invincibility
  5. I Am the Gun
  6. Rat Heart
  7. Curse of Birth
  8. Demise of the Underdog
  9. Fist First, Second to None
  10. Flight of the Head Case
  11. Soft White and Paid For
  12. Oath of Unbecoming
  13. Misuse Abuse Reuse
  14. A List with Names on It

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Oath of Unbecoming by Complete Failure (Crossburner)
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