Game Review: Bring You Home (Mobile)

From the developers of Love You to Bits, one of our favourite mobile games ever, comes Bring You Home. A mobile game in the same vein as Love You to Bits visually but with a very clever puzzle mechanic that really makes it stand out on its own.

You can read our review of Love You to Bits here or watch our video review below.

It tells the story of Polo and his pet who live on a farm happily together. Then one night, while sleeping, two robed and hooded figures arrive through a portal and kidnap the pet creature. Polo awakens just in time to give chase through the closing portal. Right behind them all the way. It’s up to players to solve the puzzles of each new location to continue the purist.

Each level has a set number of frames that can be scrolled through and moved left and right. The idea being for you to match up the correct sequence allowing Polo to safely make his way through a level.

Bring 2

Each new frame will bring its own threats and solutions but making a mistake and sending Polo to his death can be undone with a simple press of the rewind button. This feature means you can test out frames as many times as you want. Especially as certain levels can get very complex with several stages to unravel.

Bring 3

However, as interesting an idea as it is, it is trial and error. A lot of the time it will feel like guesswork as you just don’t know what the end result of your frame-moving will be. Still, there is plenty of satisfaction to be had when you see the level play out after your moves.

There are 48 levels with two possible endings, although what final cut-scene you get is only dependent on what decision you make at the end of the game. It’s also possible just to replay the level and see the other ending too.

Bring 5

To extend gameplay there are collectable photographs hidden throughout levels and each one will show you a moment from the pairs life before the kidnapping. Cute but not a patch on Love You to Bits’ short movies.

Visually and sound-wise, Bring You Home shares a hell of a lot with Love You to Bits. It’s effectively a companion piece as its bright, detailed and colourful world looks exactly the same. The music is similar, albeit a little less memorable.

Bring 4

Which applies to the game overall, just not as memorable. It’s still a great game and the inventive puzzles are praise worthy. It’s just lacking that extra thing that takes it into unforgettable territory.


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Bring You Home
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