Game Review: Love You to Bits (Mobile)

Love You to Bits by Alike Studio is a cute, stylish and charming point and click/puzzle adventure. One that delivers emotional highs, excellent gameplay and varied levels. Simply put it is a stunning piece of work that is incredibly rewarding.

Players take on the role of Kosmo, a clumsy but adorable space explorer who sets out to recover the scattered pieces of his robot girlfriend, Nova.

Love You 2

Opening with a stirring and colourful scene. We see the couple torn apart as their spaceship comes under attack. With no text or speech, the emotions of the moment are told through the wonderful art style and amazing soundtrack. In an instant you’re connected to the event and the heartbreak that occurs.

It’s such a strong start.

Love You 3

Relying heavily on the gorgeous 2D visuals and simplistic approach to point and click gameplay. Love You to Bits will see you explore distant planets and fascinating worlds. All filled with aliens, puzzles, humour and danger.

There is an incredible amount of variety in the levels as well as quite a bit of ingenuity.

Love You 4

Levels that take place within a comic book. Another that sees you inside a zombie infested mall and even one that sees you die and end up in the afterlife. No two levels are the same and each are incredibly fun to play with a decent amount of challenge too.

Love You 5

Movement is as simple as holding your finger on one side of the screen. Objects that can be picked up or interacted with are clearly marked out. There is also no issue with knowing just where to use these objects either as the game handily gives you prompts.

While that might make some levels feel too easy, you still have to use your brain as you untangle the process needed to further your goal. One that is always about finding a missing part of Nova.

Love You 6

Once found, you can exit the level and move on to the next. However, for those who really want to experience the couple’s story it’s worth hunting out the secret collectables that activate memories. These short-animated videos show Kosmo and Nova’s life together. They deepen the connection you’ll have with their story.

Love You 7

This is not a short game, you’ll get as much as 6-10 hours. If you’re not hunting down all the memories. It’s a truly amazing game that backs up its familiar but addictive gameplay with great visuals and an even better soundtrack. The story that is told, through memories and comic book panels that are unlocked every couple of levels, is one that will touch the hearts of everyone who plays it.

Love You 8


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Love You to Bits
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