Album Review: Tracy Grave – Sleazy Future (Volcano Records)

Italian sleazy rock band Tracy Grave have released their new album, Sleazy Future via Volcano Records. It came out digitally on March 23rd with a physical CD version on April 5th.

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Sleazy Future is an apt name for an album that is steeped in a dirty rock sound and dripping in punk attitude. Ten tracks of catchy and fun tunes that has bit of both the old-school Crue, Poison and Skid Row about it.

Kicking ass from the moment it starts, opener Cemetery Sin is filled with upbeat rhythm and throat-scratching vocals. While, Dirty Rain goes for a more melodic but still pleasing tune.

The best moments of the filthy and sexy sound that Tracy Grave deliver come when the tempo is high and it’s all about delivering exciting rock groove. Without Scars is an absolute banger, Over the Top has all the rocking energy of Motely Crue at the height of their powers and Return (Back in My Hands) is a body shaking, get down and dirty bouncing number.

Things do slow down a bit in the middle as several ballad like tunes become the focus. Freedom Without Rules, Make You Feel the Pain and My Last Goodbye are all perfectly good songs though. In particular the latter that has a bit more oomph & a stadium rock vibe.

Overall though, Sleazy Future is a blast. A fun, exciting and memorable rock album that shows sleazy glam/hard rock might not be as dead as we thought.

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Tracy Grave – Sleazy Future Full Track Listing:

1. Cemetery Sin
2. Dirty Rain
3. Without Scars
4. Dancing on the Sunset
5. Freedom Without Rules
6. Make You Feel the Pain
7. My Last Goodbye
8. Over the Top
9. Piece of Horizon
10. Return (Back in My Hands)

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You can pick up the album via Amazon above, via Spotify here and Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking Tracy Grave’s Facebook Page.


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Tracy Grave - Sleazy Future (Volcano Records)
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