Game Review: Bouncy Bullets (Xbox One)

If you’ve played the likes of Lovely Planet then you’ll feel right at home with Bouncy Bullets. It has a similar look and style about it, vibrant and colourful visuals with easy to understand gameplay.

It’s a fun time-waster of a game but has very little substance and once you’ve hit that 1000G you’re unlikely to come back and play it.

Bouncy 4

There’s no story, you simply control a character from the first-person perspective armed with a gun that shoots coloured bullets. The left trigger for one colour, the right trigger for the other. This is important as enemies are colour-coded and need to be taken down with the corresponding colour.

However, this is not an FPS. The gun mechanic is there but not often used, instead it’s a platformer where the aim is to make it through the map to the end portal as fast as possible. All while jumping, dodging traps and hazards.

Bouncy 2

Each level will award you stars based on how fast you completed it. Get through a level quick enough and 3 stars will be yours. Some can be challenging but not to a hair-pulling extent and the game handily shows you the time to beat to get the most stars.

Levels are short, some lasting only a few seconds while the odd few can take upward of a minute. With an immediate restart available, failed attempts rarely feel like that much of a big deal. Except for a couple of the more tricky later levels that really test your jumping skills.

Bouncy 5

It’s a nice looking game, the colours really bright and vibrant and the level design, cute and childlike, really appeals. It’s a little rough around the edges but excusable considering its simplicity.

What isn’t so excusable are the floaty controls and awkward turning. A bit of an issue considering it’s a platformer where speed and good reactions are necessary. It’s not horrific but often a failed run will come at the hands of the controls letting you down rather then anything you did.

Overall though, Bouncy Bullets is worth a look because it’s fun and you’ll get a good few hours out of it.

Bouncy Bullets
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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