Game Review: Boris and the Dark Survival (Mobile)

While we excitedly await the upcoming sequel to the excellent Bendy and the Ink Machine later this year (titled – Bendy and the Dark Revival), Joey Drew Studios has released a mobile game to help tide fans over.

Called Boris and the Dark Survival, unsurprisingly it stars Boris the cartoon wolf who has been surviving within the depths of the studio. He has done this by scavenging for what he needs all while sneaking, hiding and running from the Ink Demon.

Players take control of Boris from the top down view and must explore the randomly generated depths of Joey Drew Studios to find supplies. All while doing everything possible to stay out of the clutches of the Ink Demon. Listen out for the increasing sound of its heart beat as that’s your first clue he is near. Then find a hiding place and wait until he leaves.

Should the Ink Demon see you, the chase is on and while it’s not hard to stay ahead of it, dead-ends are likely and Boris has a stamina bar.

Run out of stamina while running from the demon and you are as good as dead. To refill it, Boris has to eat from vending machines that are placed around the levels. It’s best to never run unless the demon is after you.

The controls are easy enough to handle. Move with your thumb on the left side of the screen and run by using your thumb on the right side of the screen. To pick up items, eat, open hiding spots and lockers you simply touch the hand icon that appears on screen. The lockers might initially seem pointless but these house secrets that delve a little deeper into the Joey Drew Studios story. Those are your rewards for continuing to explore and play.

There isn’t much else to it though. It looks, feels and sounds like a Bendy game and will certainly please fans who are eagerly awaiting the new game. With no ads or in-app purchases and costing the super low price of 99p, Boris and the Dark Survival isn’t a must buy but it’s certainly worth playing.

Boris and the Dark Survival
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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