Game Review: Avengers Academy (Mobile – Free to Play)

Avengers Academy is a free to play snore-fest that insults the licence it uses & brings its paywalls crashing down within a few hours of playing. Hell, within 10 minutes of playing the game was offering me a mission that involved buying one the premium packages available.

Nice…but more on that later. First the story, err…

In a clear rip off of the X-Men, Nick Fury has opened up an academy to welcome & train teenager versions of the marvel universe. You thought Tony Stark (Ironman) was obnoxious before? Well you’ve not seen anything yet!

Avengers 1

Along the way you’ll unlock plenty more superheroes, take on the evil Hydra & do a whole lot of waiting because the latter is all you’ll mainly do in this ‘game’. The inverted commas are for a reason…I’ve played many a free to play game that seems to have forgotten to include any real gameplay but Avengers Academy might actually be the worst.

Timed missions, that you activate with a touch & then wait until the timer ends, collect your reward & then do the exact same thing again. In between you get some of the most obnoxious text box conversations to progress the paper-thin story. These are teen versions of Marvel’s superheroes so are obsessed with partying, taking selfies & dancing. You’ve not know pain until you’ve waited on a 2-hour timer for Loki to stop dancing or Iron Man to stop fiddling with tech.

Avengers 2

Missions repeat constantly & the characters task list is limited until you reach higher levels. Completing mission’s gains gold & items that can be use to unlock new characters. It took me 3 days to unlock Falcon & what was my reward? More timed missions for him to enjoy.

If that wasn’t bad enough, if a character is occupying a building that only holds one & you want to send another character on a mission that involves that building, you’ll have to wait.

Avengers 3

Most games that adopt this style allow you a certain amount of freedom for quite some time. They want you to progress quickly, hook you in & than slam the paywalls down on you…after you’ve come to believe you are progressing. Avengers Academy doesn’t give a damn about that & is practically begging for your cash after a short period.

Like I said above, within 10 minutes I was offered a mission (that still remains in my mission list at the top with no way to cancel it) to buy a box of credits & get $5 worth of shards additionally free. Shards are the premium currency & used to finish missions instantly or buy buildings/characters outright.

Avengers 4

The standard prices are here… £1.49 will get you 100 shards while £79.99 will get you 7000 (the best deal according to the in-game text) with a range of insane pricing in between. So let’s do the usual & break this down. The Hulk is currently being offered to me as an early access character (lucky me!) & will cost 1,495 shards.

I have 1 shard at the moment so to buy The Hulk I would to either buy 1,200 shards for £14.99 & 550 shards for £7.99. So £22.98 for a new character in a boring timer filled chore of a game. Are they insane? Who is buying these? Children with far too trusting parents?

Avengers 6

Oh yeah, make no mistake Avengers Academy is aimed at children so the constant pop-ups to ‘buy’ Vision or War Machine immediately with shards is disgraceful exploitative behaviour.

It’s a pity too because on the surface Avengers Academy is bright & colourful with a universe ripe for smart ideas relating to gaming. Sadly all we get though is one idea & it goes in the centre of the chart at every board meeting: a bit of money isn’t enough, we want all the money.

Avengers 5

A travesty led by greed & disrespect towards the Marvel licence, they don’t care about gameplay so why should you care about downloading & playing their game? Avoid this trash & voice your disgust towards the companies involved as best you can.


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