Game Review: Airport Security (Mobile – Free to Play)

A direct rip off of the Homa Games free to play, ad experience Border Patrol, Airport Security is yet another ‘do a job/mini-games’ reskin of countless other ‘do a job/mini-games’. Hell, Kwalee Ltd, the developer behind this offering have done plenty themselves.

A developer that rarely tries anymore, aside from when it comes to packing their games out with ads, Airport Security is a lazy 10-minute time-waster at best.

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Take on the role of airport security and make sure nothing illegal gets through. Scan baggage, frisk people for prohibited items, check passport information and interrogate those who have behaved suspiciously. Earn coins for making the right decisions then spend them on kitting out the airport terminal. That’s it. This is one of the lighter games in this genre and it doesn’t take long before the experience becomes extremely repetitive.

Alongside that, it’s also very easy and failing a mini-game seems near impossible. The game practically holds your hand as you play.

Then we have the ‘bonus’ content, the decorating of the airport terminal. Something that can be done in super-quick time thanks to the small number of things on offer and the lack of upgradable objects. All you’re doing is swapping out one thing for another.

It sounds like a proper waste of time and it is, but all forgivable because it’s the free to play market and what do you expect? What is not forgivable is the ad-spam. Airport Security has the most intrusive number of ads seen in a free to play game ever. That might sound like hyperbole but it’s not. You can’t go 30 seconds without being hit by one. Across 20 minutes of gamplay, we experienced 42 ads. That’s slightly more than 2 ads every single minute. Ads that you can skip… eventually.

Also, don’t get any idea about the ‘wi-fi off’ trick, it doesn’t work as the game needs an internet connection to play.

No-one would put up with this after even 5 minutes let alone the 10 minutes of gameplay that you’ll just about get out of this. Kawlee should be ashamed of themselves but considering how many games they spew out on a regular basis, they certainly don’t seem to be.


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Airport Security (Mobile - Free to Play)
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