EP Review: Telltale – Lie Your Way Out (Rude Records)

Rock band Telltale will release their new EP ‘Lie Your Way Out’ on the 25th of March, 2022 via European label Rude Records.

The band says:

This record is our viewpoint on being a part of the apocalyptic generation. We obsess over zombie films, live in fear of the daily news, and constantly foresee the end of the world. Or rather, the world as we know it. A generation written off as lazy and self-centred, we’re taught to think that something broken can’t be fixed from within.

A modern fusion of danceable electronica and fast-paced, groove-intensive and energetic rock music, Slowburn is certainly not an apt title. What it is though is a memorable burst of radio-friendly energy, with a blast of heavy post-hardcore and a spectacular sing-along chorus.

Telltale follow that strong start with a pop-infusion on Pessimist. One of the most impactful tracks on the EP thanks to strong lyrics, great vocals and the innate ability of this band to craft constantly catchy choruses. Further proof coming from the body shaking rockiness of Out of Control! One of the heavier tracks on the album but still with a lighter and memorable chorus.

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COBAIN changes things up by delivering a heartfelt slice of melodrama that features varied vocals before the title track ends things in spectacular fashion. The tempo shifts, the passionate vocal delivery, the robust guitar/drum combo and yet another brilliant chorus makes this a special closer.

A powerful and memorable EP.

Telltale – Lie Your Way Out Full Track Listing:

1. Slowburn
2. Pessimist
3. Out Of Control!
5. Lie Your Way Out


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Telltale - Lie Your Way Out (Rude Records)
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