EP Review: Voidlurker – Industrial Nightmare (APF Records)

Birmingham’s place in the heavy end of music is legendary. For most, Birmingham is more so even than just legendary; it’s the place where it all began. From Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin to Judas Priest, there’s something about the industrial roots and brutalist concrete jungle of the Midlands metropolis that breeds metal, even to this day. And one of the modern crop lurking in the urban sprawl is Voidlurker.

Formed in 2017, the sludge/doom three-piece is everything you could want in the heavier end of stoner. Voidlurker aren’t out to reinvent the wheel so much as keep it relentlessly rolling down the road.

They will release their debut EP, Industrial Nightmare, via APF Records, on January 31st, 2020.

The fuzz that sticks to the guitars as the title track rips and tears its way out of the soft underbelly of doom reveals a filthy sludge side to Voidlurker. One that moves at a disgustingly slow pace, the beat of the drums and scarring vocal roars delivering punch after punch of impossibly intense heaviness. It’s fantastic, provided you like doom/sludge otherwise the power behind it might be too much for some.

Jeffery Doomer takes it even further, the depths Voidlurker sink too being unfathomable but so damn enjoyable. Rotten Seed reveals itself to be the festering and rotting corpses of bands that have tried and failed in the past to match Voidlurker’s doomy sludge intensity. Before Bitchcraft and Misery keeps things tight, short and just a little bit peppier!

Just wonderful stuff and a proper step up from their early demo.

Voidlurker – Industrial Nightmare Full Track Listing:

1. Industrial Nightmare
2. Jeffrey Doomer
3. Rotten Seed
4. Bitchcraft And Misery




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Voidlurker - Industrial Nightmare (APF Records)
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