Demo Review: Voidlurker – Demo (Self Released)

Voidlurker are a 3-piece doom band from Birmingham. Bringing you fuzzy riffs and a dark atmosphere. The band is Brad Thomas – guitar and vocals, Andrew Rennie – bass and Jack Bourne – drums. They released a two-track demo in April of 2018.

It’s crude, it’s unrefined and it lacks polish but like very early sludge, there is something about Voidlurker that perks the ears up. Their style of doom has plenty in common with sludge masters as it is covered in filth and fuzz.

Of the two tracks, it’s Bitchcraft&Misery that really makes the biggest impression. A bit more groove, a really vile vocal style and a breakdown that gets the head spinning. This injection of pace is excellent and will surely open a pit or two live.

Ravenous is double the length and sees Voidlurker takes a really meaty methodical approach to their doom. The fuzz of the riffs sticking to the mind and infecting the brain bit by bit. Near the end it briefly ups the tempo before dropping into the darkest and heaviest moment of the demo. So damn good.

Voidlurker – Demo Full Track Listing:

1. Bitchcraft&Misery
2. Ravenous




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Voidlurker - Demo (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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