EP Review: Vermilia – Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita (Self Released)

Vermilia is a female artist, coming from Finland. Her music is a mix of Epic Scandinavian Pagan Metal and sweet, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies with lyrics in her native language.

First coming to our attention in June of 2018 with the fantastic Kätkyt, Vermilia returns with a brand-new EP. Titled ‘Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita’, the EP was released on May 20th 2020.

The ethereal melodies and soft singing of Hauras, Kuollut, Kaunis that builds upwards makes for a subtle start. Although dripping in atmosphere, it’s Taivas Hiljaa Huutaa that unleashes the pagan black metal Vermilia have become so renowned for. An absolute belter, the ringing sound of ferocious heaviness is wonderfully complimented by the wraithlike vocals. A genuinely thrilling effort that will send chills through the body.

The title track is a mostly dark and cold effort, emotion pouring from every inch of it. The slow and heavy procession proving to be quite a weight on the mind. It’s another exemplary listen that begins to sparkle with more light as it goes on.

Finally Pimeä Polku has Vermilia go hard and heavy for easily the most unrestrained track on the EP.

Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita shows that Vermilia isn’t staying still with each track showcasing a different element. All while never straying too far from the core pagan black metal sound that makes them such a joy to listen too.

Vermilia – Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita Full Track Listing:

1. Hauras, Kuollut, Kaunis
2. Taivas Hiljaa Huutaa
3. Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita
4. Pimeä Polku




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Vermilia - Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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