Game Review: Daytona Rush (Mobile – Free to Play)

A decent time waster, Daytona Rush is as basic as they come when it comes to free to play racing games. Where the racing is pretty much done for you and all you have to do is move from side to side dodging other cars. All while ensuring you don’t run out of fuel or take too many bumps.

There is very little challenge as the goal is just to make it as far as you can while completing missions and earning coins. However, as an endless runner, the game is far more enjoyable than most and with much more longevity.

There are three lanes on the stock car track and your car is automatically faster than every other car. You’ll find yourself zipping in and out with ease earning coins for passing cars. Eventually growing in confidence to pass cars dangerously close in order to earn extra coins. However, take too many hits and your car will be totalled resulting in a pile-up.

As well as that, you’ll also need to be aware of your fuel. Indicated by a bar on the left-hand side of the screen. When it drops to a specific amount the refuelling lane will open and you’ll have to drive through it to refuel. Don’t get enough or miss it completely and you’ll run out resulting in a game over. It’s a nice touch that adds some small amount of challenge, especially when you find yourself blocked in by other cars.

The real longevity with Daytona Rush comes from the missions, cars you can buy and upgrades you can apply. The former is in abundance and range from having to pass a certain number of cars, making it a certain distance or getting a certain number of ‘close calls’ per race.

The upgrades actually serve some purpose too with damage taken, gas mileage and speed, the three that can be affected.

The limitation of in-app purchases is also a welcome relief too. While you can pay a nominal amount of money to unlock new cars early, all can be earned in-game with coins. Not only that, Daytona Rush is easy on the ads with it offering to double your coin total if you watch one. The sort of ad service that benefits you as the player.

While it’s not going to give you days and days of fun gameplay, it is just an endless runner after all, there is plenty in Daytona Rush to keep you busy for a few hours at least. Not bad for a free to play game.

Daytona Rush (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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