EP Review: Thuum – Through Smoke, Comes Fire (Self Released)

Thuum have been making a hell of a name for themselves in the UK underground scene thanks to impressive live shows. One such show came at Bloodstock 2017 where they rocked the New Blood Stage with their memorable & exciting brand of sludgy doom.

On February 19th they will release their debut EP ‘Through Fire, Comes Smoke’. A 4-track release that is jammed with dirty & huge riffs that walks the line of many sub-genres of metal.

Thuum 2

Beginning with one of the longest ‘intros’ I’ve ever heard, Thuum set the scene well with the haunting & sinister melody mixed with subtle chanting that conjures up images of a black mass march. After a couple of minutes the guitars takes over, enriching the sound but also upping the heaviness with a bass-heavy chug.

The EP really comes to life on Worthless. A crushing level of heaviness & doomy rhythm bringing some serious excitement. The deep riffs, the hellish & throat-ripping vocals, the skull-cracking drum beat…this is what Thuum are all about.

Hafgufa is the odd one out as tracks go but not in a negative way. Instead it shows the versatility that Thuum have. A short & up-tempo number, it’s intense rhythm is countered by some genuinely impressive catchiness & clean vocal singing that grabs the attention. That a shredding guitar solo, one that could fit perfectly on any NWOBHM album, also gets dropped is quite something.

A great EP & a great showing from one of the brightest UK acts ends on the title track. A mix of the slow doomy style heard at the start with the faster & puncher previous track. The guitars are king here as they lead the way, the vocals taking a more backseat role up until the soaring clean vocal moments that are grin-inducing in their quality.

Thuum 1

Thuum – Through Fire, Comes Smoke Full Track Listing:

1. Intro (Instrumental)
2. Worthless
3. Hafgufa
4. Through Fire, Comes Smoke


Pick up Worthless now over on Bandcamp & listen to it above. Find out more about Thuum and keep up to date with news by liking Thuum on Facebook.


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Thuum - Through Smoke, Comes Fire (Self Released)
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