Album Review: Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades (Dark Descent Records)

Spanish death metal band, Ataraxy will release their new album ‘Where All Hope Fades’ on February 16th 2018 via Dark Descent Records.

Ataraxy 2

Playing a foul, corrupt & doomy style of death metal, Ataraxy’s sound grows like a festering sore on your back. After a fairly pointless intro (The Absurdity of a Whole Cosmos), Matter Lost in Time takes us on a voyage into the exposed underbelly of hell. Methodical doomy riffs eventually give way to an increase in momentum. The faster style doesn’t quite make the same mark, a little bit ‘everyday’ death metal.

One Last Certainty holds up a little better though, thanks to the savageness of the riffs & the descent into the shade that crops up briefly.

The leisurely pace returns for As Uembras d’o Hibierno forcing the vile sore on your back to pulsate with energy before The Mourning Path’s raging fury approaches with the hot lance. Ready to burst, The Blackness of Eternal Night causes intense suffering but blessed relief as it finishes the job.

Smooth guitar strumming, dirty bass & the occasional heavy hit of the drums plays out for the first couple of minutes before the vocals roar. The desperate weight of all of Ataraxy’s heaviness bears down, crushing every bone. It’s an outrageous finish to an album that has so much depth.

Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades Full Track Listing:

1. The Absurdity of a Whole Cosmos
2. Matter Lost in Time
3. One Last Certainty
4. As Uembras d’o Hibierno
5. The Mourning Path
6. The Blackness of Eternal Night

You can order Ataraxy’s music over on Bandcamp & via Dark Descent Records’ Bandcamp. Find out more about Ataraxy over on Facebook.


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Ataraxy - Where All Hope Fades (Dark Descent Records)
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