EP Review: The Necrosexual – Seeds of Seduction (Folkvangr Records)

The Necrosexual, the most electrifying band in corpse entertainment, will unveil their new EP ‘Seeds of Seduction’ on September 3, 2021 via Folkvangr Records.

‘Seeds Of Seduction’ is the follow-up to ‘The Gory Hole Overture in F#’ EP (2019) and the full length ‘GRIM-1’ (2018.) Marrying themes of expression and high art with base desires and sexual innuendo, the Necrosexual’s dark humour leers at the forefront.

The cassette release on Folkvangr Records includes two exclusive bonus tracks – a brand new song “The Grim Hymn,” and a remaster of their hit “Dead Sexy” at the hands of Joel Grind, limited to 100 tapes.

We’ve experienced the thrusting and thrashing blackened speed of The Necrosexual a few times now and it never gets any easier to swallow. Seeds of Seduction has all over the top filthiness we’ve come to expect but is one of the more refined efforts we’ve heard.

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Open wide for Chaos Command, the thrash is strong with this one while vocally it draws from the style of King Diamond with high pitched and ear-splitting highs. Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen has punk flair and rampageous speed to ensure this one slides down the throat with veritable ease. Then they finish things off with the moody, dark and sexy A Long Time to Die.

Spent? Few could blame you but if you’re thirsty for more… the cassette version has two more tracks to wrap your ears around!

The Necrosexual – Seeds of Seduction Full Track Listing:

1. Chaos Command
2. Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen
3. A Long Time To Die
4. The Grim Hymn (Cassette Only)
5. Dead Sexy remaster (Cassette Only)


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The Necrosexual - Seeds of Seduction (Folkvangr Records)
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