Top NZ Payments to Gamble on the Budget

New Zealand is considered one of the most upcoming markets in the world of online gambling and gaming. The trend saw a steady rise during the 2020 quarantine as New Zealand was one of the first countries in the world to successfully contain the health threat. But the quarantine proved beneficial for the online gambling community as more traffic increased on online gambling sites, as people looked for recreational, profitable gaming while honing their gambling skills. 

Online gambling comes with its own set of factors to look out for to enjoy a fruitful gambling experience. One of the major concerns for new and seasoned players is the modes of payments and how secure the transactions are. Inexperienced players should play at casinos with a minimum deposit of $10, the list of which can be found at website, this factor remains one of the priorities. The second topmost concern being banking sites that do not charge extra while using their services. 

This article lists the top 5 safest NZ payments hosts to look out for to make genuine, secure, and safe transactions while gambling online, which does not incur extra hidden charges, allowing players to play freely within a budget and not worrying about added charges to dampen their spirits. 


Paysafecards are ranked as one of the most popular and secure online payment modes where it is completely prepaid. This site ensures 100% privacy and security, where customers can pay online without having to submit their personal information nor bank or credit card details. 

Paysafe cards are easily and readily available in New Zealand for the benefit of users looking to gamble in New Zealand within a budget. The prepaid option helps customers keep in mind their monetary restrictions, allowing a hassle-free gambling experience for all players. This payment method is easily compatible and recognizable by all reputed online casino sites. 


Similar to POLi and Paysafe cards, Neosurf allows easy and secure means of payment to online gaming hosts through safe prepaid vouchers. One need not register or submit personal details to get Neosurf. The user can submit the voucher code on the Neosurf page, and the player gets money immediately credited to their gaming account. 

The minimum deposit required for Neosurf is $20, and the maximum credit accepted by the online payment cost is $500. Users can make use of Neosurf’s generous upper weekly limit of $2500 and monthly limit of $5000 to experience a smooth gambling session on online casinos. 

POLi Payments

One of the most popular payment sites New Zealanders use for their online gambling needs, POLi allows payments to be conducted in a free, safe manner directly through the customer’s internet banking account. This site has the lowest transactions rates in the entire country, making it a customer favourite amongst players looking to gamble within a budget. 

It is also extremely user-friendly, allowing players to create an account on POLi, which becomes functional within 24 hours. Players need not wait for long hours to get cracking on their favourite online casino games through POLi’s safe, quick and secure payment options. 

Apple Pay

Online payment method available to only Apple Users, Apple Pay, ensures security, unlike any other online payment method. It does not require extra applications since it is built-in within Mac products. Apple pay is accepted all over the world, socially at places that accept contactless payments. Apple pay allows users to skip complicated checkout forms by directly allowing users to pay with a touch of a button. 

Users can use the seamless experience guaranteed by Apple products to pay for exciting online casino games, being reassured of Apple’s incredible privacy protection methods. The purchases made with Apple pay remain private and secure -which is a priority for most online casino players. Apple Pay’s zero processing fee assures players looking to play within a budget to use the e-wallet to pay for new, exciting bets on online casinos.


Visa or Mastercard are two of the most easily recognizable online payment methods globally. Easily recognizable in New Zealand as well, these cards provide similar benefits, although Mastercard outweighs offers and exciting new bonuses. The Visa card provides two tiers – Standard Visa and VISA signature and Mastercard provides Standard Mastercard, World Mastercard, and World Elite tiers for dedicated users. 

These cards provide protection against unauthorized charges and extended warranties to protect users from dubious online gambling transactions in case. Visa and Mastercard provide a sense of security that is trusted by users all over the globe. 


The list of top online payment methods provides New Zealanders with the best choices to gamble within a budget, as well as easy and secure means to do so. They’re low to none processing fees make it a lucrative method for players to use without worrying about the safety of their transactions and expensive processing fees. 


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