Horror Movie Review: Zombie Shark (2015)

Nothing like a bit of over-saturation, eh? To flood the market with one specific thing or variations of that thing would seem like an ill-advised move on the part of most. Regardless of the media source, too much of the same or similar thing will see most people just turn away. We’ve seen it within videogames (Guitar Hero/Rock Band), with rock/metal (nu-metal movement) & we’ve seen it in horror. The latter of those is often the guiltiest party nowadays with one idea that makes money being squeezed until it’s nothing but a dry husk.

Zombie Shark 2

While over-saturation of a series or sub-genre of horror may not be exclusively new (Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street), the lack of imagination in modern horror often sees one specific idea taken & buggered to the point of offensive.

What am I talking about? Shark horror movies.

Zombie Shark 3

Chances are you read that & instantly knew what I am talking about. Instantly your mind conjured up images of cheap looking, poorly acted SyFy-lite horrors. That’s no surprise as that’s what the majority of these movies are & Zombie Shark is no different.

Many reviewers would have you believe that Zombie Shark is a ‘so bad it’s good’ movie. That’s impossible as far as this trash is concerned simply because it fails at what all ‘so bad it’s good’ movies should be able to do which is entertain.

Zombie Shark 4

The story sees a group of twenty-somethings head to an island for a weekend getaway. This island houses a research facility that has been experimenting on a shark called Bruce. He escapes & starts attacking other sharks in the water turning them into zombie sharks! If that wasn’t bad enough if the people on the island are bitten by one of these sharks they also become a zombie!

Sharks! Zombies! Zombie Sharks!

Zombie Shark 5

It’s as absurd as it sounds but also far less fun, in fact Zombie Shark takes itself very seriously most of the time. When it does try to be funny, it trips over & face plants the concrete with some force. It’s not funny & lacks good tongue in cheek humour. A lazy & predictable plot, over-used clichés & terrible characters played by terrible actors & actresses, Zombie Shark is a chore to watch.

All of that isn’t even the worst thing about it though. No, that’s the CGI.

Zombie Shark 6

The expectation that SyFy horror movies will have terrible CGI seems to have seen them stop trying. The stuff in this is shockingly bad, almost to the point where you have to wonder if it was intentional.

Zombie Shark 7

It’s very difficult to really say anything positive about this trash. There are so many things wrong with it that this review would be a couple of thousand words long if I was to list them all. It’s utterly pointless watching a cartoony looking shark swallow a person whole if the movie that surrounds such absurdity is such a waste of time.

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