Album Review: Valdur – Divine Cessation (Bloody Mountain Records)

Eastern Sierra’s Black/Death Metal crew Valdur will release their new full-length album, Divine Cessation on December 1st via Bloody Mountain Records.

Valdur 1

The sound of a horn rings out bringing the Breath of the Beast with it. Skull-crushingly heavy riffs & vocals that are coated in grime see Valdur leaning more towards the death metal sound early on. It’s an extremely numbing start, followed up by the aggressively dark-laden ferocity of the title track.

The constant, unrelenting heaviness reaches doom levels with The Tail beginning slowly before increasing in tempo. There is little give coming from Valdur, they want to break your bones & with the intense drum rhythm of Seething Disgust they come very close.

If the sonic assault delivered so far wasn’t enough, Valdur then drop a couple of short tracks that are all about cementing the furious sound. Doomed has no vocals but still manages to hit hard while Plague Born of a Dying Star spits out acidic bile.

The album finishes off with the biggest sounding song of the bunch, Potent Black Orb. A track that has one aim, to leave you broken on the floor.

Nasty & aggressive metal, Divine Cessation isn’t doing anything new but it does deliver on what it promises early on. A worthy release.

Valdur 2

Valdur – Divine Cessation Full Track Listing:

1. Breath of the Beast
2. Divine Cessation
3. The Tail
4. Seething Disgust
5. Doomed
6. Plague Born of a Dying Star
7. Potent Black Orb

You can pick up the album over on Valdur’s Bandcamp & over on Bloody Mountain Record’s Bandcamp.

Valdur - Divine Cessation (Bloody Mountain Records)
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