EP Review: Terminal Nation – Absolute Control (Deep Six Records)

The second EP, Absolute Control, from power-violence/hardcore band Terminal Nation will be released on June 9th 2017 via Deep Six Records.

Terminal Nation 1

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just been drop-kicked in the face? No? You will.

9 songs, 13 minutes long…you know what you’re in for when you see an EP like Absolute Control. It’s music to go to war with, loud & designed to destroy the senses. The smash-mouth style, short & to the point music is pretty damn good. Early songs like Numb to the Pain & War in the Name are pissed off pieces of music, the vocals not sung but spat instead.

It does feel a bit messy & pointless at times though. Hand that Feeds is 51 seconds of nothing but jamming music that should have been left on the studio floor.

Pulse of the Dead’s slower style offers something a little different. It’s still got that bite but is a bit easier to get into. While both Violator/Violated & Broken sound incredible. They are the standout tracks where every riff, every nasty beat is like a nail being hammered into the side of your head.

A short, meaty slab of hardcore that will leave you breathless in it’s ferocity. It’s over far too soon (being an EP) & you’re left wanting much more. Terminal Nation have a very bright future.

Terminal Nation 2

Terminal Nation – Absolute Control Full Track Listing:

1. Assembly Line
2. Numb to the Pain
3. Grave
4. War in the Name
5. Hand That Feeds
6. Pulse of the Dead
7. Violator/Violated
8. Absolute Power/Absolute Control
9. Broken

Absolute Control will be released on June 9th 2017 via Deep Six Records. You can pick up Terminal Nation’s work over on Bandcamp. Like them over on Facebook, follow them on Twitter & subscribe to them on YouTube.



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Terminal Nation - Absolute Control (Deep Six Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10

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