Horror Movie Review: Bad Milo! (2013)

Bad Milo is a 2013 horror comedy about a stressed out man who discovers he has a 2-foot demonic creature living inside of him. If that wasn’t bad enough, every time his stress levels get to high the creature climbs out & kills the source of the stress!

Bad Milo 1

Duncan (Ken Marino) is having stomach issues, something that worries his wife, Sarah (Gillian Jacobs). After a particularly rough night on the toilet Duncan goes to see a doctor. Here he is informed he has a large polyp in his intestinal tract. The doctor isn’t worried as it can be removed with a simple procedure. However he does advise Duncan to manage his stress better.

Unfortunately for Duncan’s stress levels things don’t get better. He is abruptly put in charge of the firing of employees by his boss, Phil (Patrick Warburton). His elderly mother talks sex & potential erection issues during a meal in front of her young boyfriend. Then add that his wife wants to have children & his therapist is constantly trying to get to the root of his daddy issues & it’s no surprise a demon emerges from his ass.

Bad Milo 2

This is Milo & he is a manifestation of Duncan’s life stresses. Milo isn’t going to go away & killing him would mean destroying Duncan’s own sub-conscious. No, the only way to deal with Milo is to bond with him ensuing he won’t start killing again.

Bad Milo 3

Unfortunately for Duncan, stress just keeps coming his way & it’s not long before Milo’s rampage is picked up by the news (raccoon attacks). Struggling to cope, Duncan has no choice but to face the Milo problem head on.

Bad Milo is a very silly horror film that skirts the line of bad taste with its ass-based humour. Amazingly for a movie about a demon living in a man’s ass, it actually does well to not make too many butt related jokes. In fact, the humour found throughout is surprisingly clever & often very funny.

Bad Milo 5

A lot of the humour comes from awkward situations & how the characters deal with them. The dinner scene with Duncan’s mum in particular is hilarious. The cast do a wonderful job of playing it straight when faced with a demon from the bowels of…well…bowels!

For all it’s comedic moments the film still has one foot firmly planted in the horror genre too. Milo is a violent little fella & has no issue with disembowelling or biting the dick off those who cause Duncan stress.

Bad Milo 6

While the human cast are great, they are overshadowed by Milo. Adorably cute with razor sharp teeth he emotes wonderfully & you can’t get mad at something doing what it’s supposed to do!

If the movie lacks in any area it’s in its sub-plot regarding Duncan’s father, Roger (Stephen Root). From the moment he’s introduced it’s fairly obvious just what his entire ‘story’ is about.

One noticeable blemish on an otherwise fun, silly & amusing horror movie about Milo…who lives up someone’s ass!

Bad Milo 7

Bad Milo!
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10

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