EP Review: ten56. – Downer: Part 1 (Out Of Line Music)

Downer: Part 1 is the debut EP from nu-deathcore band ten56., fronted by Aaron Matts (ex-Betraying the Martyrs) with members of Uneven Structure, Novelists FR and Kadinja. Out on November 26th, 2021 via Out of Line Music.

On the formation of ten56. and upcoming plans, Aaron Matts stated:

We’ve been working on this silently for over a year and have a lot of surprises all backed up and ready to go; I can confidently say that no matter what people’s first impressions of our first single may be, they should not be hasty to form an opinion until they have heard the whole upcoming record, each single is going to be a shock to the system, that I am sure of! As for the guys in the band, it’s been a help being in the game for over ten years, it started with Arnaud, then together we hand-picked from our close friends who we knew would be the perfect fit, and f*ck me we lucked out, everyone is so sick.

It’s honestly been the most enjoyable time I’ve personally had when writing and recording music. Downer Part.1 is a six-track, and it’s supposed to sound bloody horrible!

It’s immediately clear just why Aaron Matts is so enthusiastic about this release and his new band. The goal of delivering a release packed with furious energy and angry intensity is fully realised and then some. This is nu-metal-tinged deathcore designed for one thing and one thing alone… to craft violence.

A brutally heavy start with Exit Bag and Diazepam, this will fuck your head up through the sheer chaos created by the instrumentation. That’s before you take into the account the vocals which are ear-bleedingly intense. The drip-feeding off nu-metal groove and effects only seem to enhance the heaviness of this pair.

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There’s nothing calming about this EP and ten56. in general, with the excellently titled Shitspitter proving to be a snarling and spluttering slice of mayhem. Before Sick Dog drops the speedier tempo but retains the head-smashing and brain-mulching brutality. Fast or slow, ten56. are fucking heavy.

Talking of which… the screams and squeals that emanate from Boy are downright sickening. If that wasn’t enough though, the drumming on this particular track is unbelievably forceful. It also happens to be the longest track on the album so the assault is much more drawn-out.

Head hurting? Don’t worry, it’s over now but not before ten56. have one last ferociously dark battering to dish out in the form of Kimo.

The heaviest EP of 2021? Without a shadow of a doubt. Big things are in store for ten56.

ten56. – Downer: Part 1 Full Track Listing:

1. Exit Bag
2. Diazepam
3. Shitspitter
4. Sick Dog
5. Boy
6. Kimo




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ten56. - Downer: Part 1 (Out Of Line Music)
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