Album Review: Rhapsody of Fire – Glory for Salvation (AFM Records)

2019’s The Eighth Mountain (which featured the first saga in the band’s history not written by Luca Turilli) was a rousing symphonic metal success for the reborn Rhapsody of Fire and now, the group look to cement their future with Glory for Salvation.

Acting as the second chapter of The Nephilim’s Empire Saga, which began with The Eighth Mountain. The saga centers on the argument of redemption and the valour of life. The hero is aware of his mistakes, wants to remedy them in order to seek redemption, and to fight for what is right.

Glory for Salvation will be released on the 26th November 2021 via AFM Records.

While not a huge fan of Rhapsody of Fire overall, we massively respect them and found 2019’s The Eighth Mountain to be a thoroughly enjoyable slice of symphonic/power metal. So, there’s a fair bit more excitement surrounding this new release. After all, regardless of line-up changes, the power metal credentials of this band can’t be faulted.

If you’ve forgotten just how epic this band can be, opener Son of Vengeance will quickly remind you. A bombastic start that has that delicious Rhapsody of Fire lavishness we all crave so much.

That liveliness is even more present on the thumping The Kingdom of Ice, where the symphonic and power metal mesh together wonderfully. Before the title track will have you dreaming of magnificent battles and heroic feasts, and Eternal Snow really looks to enhance the concept with wind instruments and spoken word storytelling.

Which flows into Terial the Hawk; a folk-infused bout of vigour and melodic highs. One of the more straightforward ‘fun’ tracks on the album. The upbeat extravagance then continues into Maid of the Secret Sand. Where punchy guitar riffing engages wonderfully with Giacomo Voli’s amazing vocals.

Leading to the most impressive track on the album. The near 11-minute opulence of Abyss of Pain II.

Is this 2021’s grandest track? A gorgeous slice of cinematic-esque power metal with spell-binding symphonic melodies and a surprise twist of harsher, darker vocals briefly. The word ‘epic’ is overused when it comes to Rhapsody of Fire but it’s the only one that comes to mind when you hear a track this massive.

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How do you follow that? If you’re Rhapsody of Fire you follow that with more concise, but just as extravagant, symphonic power metal. Infinitae Gloriae delivering a chest-beating and fist-pumping head-banger, Magic Signs’ then calms things down with a moving power-ballad and the upbeat, sing-along that is I’ll Be Your Hero puts a big smile on the face. The latter has a ‘finale’ flavour to it, but they’re not quite done yet.

We still have Chains of Destiny to enjoy. A track with unrestrained power metal liveliness in a very classic Rhapsody of Fire way. Un’Ode Per L’Eroe is another power ballad (the title translates to An Ode to a Hero) sung in Italian. Before the gigantic album wraps up with the delightfully sweet La Esencia De Un Rey (translates to The Essence of the King).

Another excellent entry in the Rhapsody of Fire catalogue.

Rhapsody of Fire – Glory for Salvation Full Track Listing:

1. Son of Vengeance
2. The Kingdom of Ice
3. Glory for Salvation
4. Eternal Snow
5. Terial The Hawk
6. Maid of The Secret Sand
7. Abyss of Pain II
8. Infinitae Gloriae
9. Magic Signs
10. I’ll Be Your Hero
11. Chains of Destiny
12. Un’Ode Per L’Eroe
13. La Esencia De Un Rey


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Rhapsody of Fire - Glory for Salvation (AFM Records)
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