EP Review: Zebrahead – III (MFZB Records)

The rebellious spirit, unyielding work ethic, and all-around good time is alive and well for Orange County, CA-based punk-inspired rock outfit, Zebrahead. Hitting the ground running with their new singer and guitarist Adrian Estrella the band is ready for the release of their forthcoming EP ‘III’ out on November 26th, 2021.

Says vocalist/rapper Ali Tabatabaee:

Our EP “III” begins a new chapter for us, and I’m so excited for everyone to check it out! It’s been a passion project for us and has allowed us to push the boundaries of our creativity, and we can’t wait to play the new songs live the next time we are on tour in a town near you.

says singer Adrian Estrella:

Chapter 3 is honest, chaotic, passionate and driven, it’s been such an amazing process creating these songs and building this as a band, I couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved, looking forward to its release!

A very strong offering from a band able to do this kind of punk rock in their sleep, Zebrahead start off hot on III. Coming out spitting and snarling on Lay Me to Rest but layering the track with sweet and poppier melodies.

A great start continues into the rhythmic beat of A Long Way Down. Where the chorus soars and the contrasting vocals work so well. A sure-fire hit for Zebrahead, the passionate display is what captivates here but continues into the wonderfully powerful Homesick for Hope.

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Here Zebrahead are leaning towards their heavier and more metal-focused style but with their penchant for grand, melodic choruses ever present. The way in which the lyrics “I’m at the end of my rope” are roared really cuts through.

With more chilled melodies but still spitting barbs in a more rap style, Out of Time is a shift but not so much that it is jarring. Before the EP wraps up with the energetic punk groove of Russian Roulette is for Lovers? A smashing finish that gets the body well and truly moving.

Five tracks, five bangers. What more could you ask for?

Zebrahead – III Full Track Listing:

1. Lay Me to Rest
2. A Long Way Down
3. Homesick for Hope
4. Out of Time
5. Russian Roulette is for Lovers?


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Zebrahead - III (MFZB Records)
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