EP Review: Sworn In – Start/End (Fearless Records)

Sworn In is an American metalcore band. The band formed in 2011 and have since put out 3 full length albums and 3 EPs, the latest coming on June 30th 2018 via Fearless Records. Called Start/End it’s actually a remix and remastering of the same EP released in 2012.

Sworn 2

The 6 tracks that make up Start/End showcase a band filled to the brim with fury. Providing crushing metalcore built around enormous riffs, primitive vocals, dirty bass and dehumanising drums. It’s a non-stop campaign of heavy noise with the Opportunitist’s style of stop/start rhythm proving to be fault free and exciting. The breakdowns are ‘lose your absolute mind’ moments.

Delivering a hungry and desperate style of heaviness, the hardcore stylings of Sworn In really come out in the the excellent Apex and Beggars, the latter going deep and dark for raging levels of ferocity. The first real bit of metalcore melody comes out to play here too.

Had enough? Not even close as The Deviant makes a bold move by going for broke with an energy sapping performance that shares much in common with the best of both hardcore and metal. A very impressive track.

End finishes things off be bringing in Colin Sharkey (ex-Barrier) to add an extra film to the vocals making this one of the most hostile tracks of the EP. Alongside some really technical guitar riffs and hyper rhythm.

As a way to introduce folks to an EP that was release 6 years ago, this remastering and remix does a hell of a job. If you’d never heard of Sworn In before, you won’t be forgetting them anytime soon.

Sworn 1

Sworn In – Start/End Full Track Listing:

1. Start
2. Opportunist
3. Apex
4. Beggars
5. The Deviant
6. End (feat. Colin Sharkey)

Check out the EP below.


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Sworn In - Start/End (Fearless Records)
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