EP Review: Swept to Sea – Tides (Eclipse Records)

San Francisco Bay area melodic metalcore band Swept to Sea will release their new EP ‘Tides’ on December 2, 2022, via Eclipse Records.

Swept to Sea’s new EP is a grower. That statement is really important as, while it has some ‘wow’ moments on an initial listen, the more time spent with it, the more layers are uncovered. The more the EP seems to break a lot of standard expectations when you see the words ‘melodic metalcore’ attached to a band summation.

Yes, Swept to Sea are those things but they’re also not what define them. Heck, across Tides’ six-track run, elements of groove, death, hardcore and more come up. It’s an EP that genre-bends and thus, it’s a much more exciting experience. Especially because there is anthemic flair throughout.

A track like Hell Called Home is a great example of a song with a thrilling chorus and fist-pumping heaviness. It’s not alone in the quality camp though as Unbridled has wickedly infectious guitar groove, percussion that smashes the senses into bit and brilliant gang-shouts.

Just two examples of the memorable and varied melodic metal that Swept to Sea have to offer with Tides. Give it a go, stick with it and give it a few spins, chances are you’ll be sold afterwards as well.

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Swept to Sea - Tides (Eclipse Records)
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