EP Review: Spiritual Deception – Oxymoron (Self Released)

Italian death metal quartet Spiritual Deception will release the Oxymoron EP on October 8th, 2021.

The band released the following statement concerning the finer points of the forthcoming EP:

Oxymoron is born as a concept about light and darkness’ dualism. It takes inspiration from myths, Talmud, and works of literature. In the heart of the EP we placed a 3-part endeavour, composed by the triptych Captatio Benevolentiae’, ‘Oxymoron,’ and ‘Damnatio Memoriae,’ as inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost. This mini-concept deals with the relationship between God and Lucifer, their conflict and how each character is depicted by the original author, focusing on the anti-hero concept.

An interesting concept buried amongst the raging and frothing sound of death metal; Spiritual Deception certainly nail the feeling of celestial battles. The war between good and evil, a battle between heaven and hell, the two sides of a coin… light and darkness.

Epic flourishes act as an exclamation point to the rampant wrath of Hidden in Consciousness before the three-part concept kicks in with Captatio Benevolentiae. Where the horror and beauty that exists in John Milton’s Paradise Lost begins to really take shape. Followed by the title track, where the meeting of opposing sides is reflected in mournful piano melody acting as bridge into Damnatio Memoriae.

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Completing this section with music that brims with vehemence. The speed of Spiritual Deception’s is akin to falling but the fact it feels so frenzied makes for an eyewatering experience.

Finally, Satan muses on the connection between mankind and himself on Serpent’s Speech. Spiritual Deception closing out their new EP in ruthless but larger-than-life style. The concept realised but made all the more effective thanks to the blistering death metal this band deals in.

Spiritual Deception – Oxymoron Full Track Listing:

1. Hidden in Consciousness
2. Captatio Benevolentiae
3. Oxymoron
4. Damnatio Memoriae
5. Serpent’s Speech


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Spiritual Deception - Oxymoron (Self Released)
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